The Woven Flag | Author Margaret Fourt Goka Cover


Margaret Fourt Goka

Poetry is one of the most potent mediums you can ever use. This is because you can convey a myriad of emotions and intents in just a few words. This is also one of the main reasons why poetry is one of the most difficult mediums around. But as difficult as it is, poetry is a joy to make. This is why author Margaret Fourt Goka, has decided to create a myriad of poems and compile them in her new book The Woven Flag.

The Woven Flag is a compilation of poems about nature, children, and cats. It was written in Sunnyvale, California while the author raised children, Oregano and taught English. She is now retired and spends most of her time compiling poetry about porcelain and wood. The Woven Flag is chock full of well-crafted poems that have a free form and jazz-like quality to them. The poems were first written by the author for personal use only. But after showing them to her family and friends at church, she gained enough confidence to share her work with the world. Overall, the Woven Flag by author Margaret Fourt Goka is a great collection of poems and is a must read for poetry lovers everywhere.