Writing Poems for Beginners

Poetry like every literary genre comes with fundamental rules that you should go with. Although experimenting is never a bad thing, you can always rhyme only with extreme caution. You can try out anything new but don’t overdo it. 


Great Poems Inspired by Paintings

Poetry and painting both shares an exquisite form of art that altruistically connects our emotion to the art portrayed itself. Poetry has been one of the favored muse among artists or painters to serve as inspiration of their craft.


The Fundamentals of Poetry Writing

The art of writing poetry is often confused as a mere obscure language accompanied with flowing rhymes to ease our ears, though it is entirely more than that common misconception. These poetry fundamentals will help you embark on a journey that will enliven the poet in you.


Poetry as an Art

Poetry like any work of art, such as a painted portrait with a deep interpretation behind it, poetry also depicts metaphorical or heartfelt theme behind its stanzas and lines. Only that, it is achieved through writing in a creative and diverse manner.

Forms of Creative Writing

Different Forms of Creative Writing

Before we delve into the different forms of creative writing, let’s get to know first what creative writing is about. Creative writing is a form of writing that able you to freely express your dynamic side or colorful ideas in a creative or imaginative way. Perhaps you have thoughts gushing in about some writing type that likely comprises the creative writing pool.